Mønsted Limestone mine are the world’s largest – in fact, there are as many as 60 kilometers of underground mining, of which 2 kilometers are lit up. Some of the corridors are as big as cathedrals, while other corridors are so small that a grown man cannot walk upright. Bring a flashlight and explore the many underground mines!

About Mønsted Limestone mine

Mønsted Limestone mine is a tourist attraction located in central Jutland. With us you will find the world’s largest limestone mine.


In addition to being a major tourist attraction, we are also the wintering spot for more than 18,000 bats.



Owners of Mønsted Limestone mine

Georg Emil Ring was the manager and later owner of the place from 1875-1890. Then the company “De Jydske Kalkværker” bought the site from Ring.

In 1981 violinist Anker Buch bought the place but he sold it again in 1997, when the Danish Nature Agency bought it.


Today, Mønsted Limestone mine is run by a self-owned institution, but is still owned by the Danish Nature Agency.


We get about 65.000 visitors a year, primarily from Denmark, Germany, Norway and Sweden – however, people from all over the world come to visit us.


As far as possible we talk respectively German and English with our foreign visitors as we think it is a great service to offer.