Excursion, exploration, hike – you decide. Take the family, dog, grandmother or neighbor and have a fun day both above and below the ground.

An endless maze of large and small mine tunnels. There are a total of 60 km of which 2 km are lit up.

More than 18.000 bats overwinter in the mines. We have 5 different species, most of which are water bats.

The train is not running due to Corona guidelines. We apologize!

Take a ride on the mine train which are running between the limestone mill and the platform inside the pits between May 15 – August 15.

The lime plant was established in 1874 and lime was burned here until 1980. In the lime plant we show films about lime and bats.

Deep inside the mines by the largest lake a cinema has been set up where you can learn about the history of the place in a spectacular show.

In Mønsted limestone mine Arla Foods store cheese, which you can buy in our shop or taste in the Café. We are the only place in Denmark where you can buy the cheese.

Travel back in time in our museum where you can see pictures from the old days.