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Café Kridthuset

NOTE! Pr. 1/8 a Corona passport must be shown in the café if you want to eat indoors. This applies from 16 years.


The old limestone barn has become Café Kridthuset, which offers light dishes, sandwiches, ice cream waffles, coffee etc.

The kitchen closes 1 hour before closing time.



Please contact us if you would like to hear more about hosting an event.

Phone: +45 86 64 60 11



Sandwich (cold) Price
Chicken & bacon (also gluten free) 60,-
Egg & shrimp (also gluten free) 60,-
Roasted pork (also gluten free) 60,-
Meatballs with red cabbage (also gluten free) 60,-/65,-
Fishfillets, shrimp & salad on white bread 65,-
Light Dishes Price
2 meatballs w/red cabbage & rye bread (also vegan) 60,-/65,-
2 meatballs w/potato salad (also gluten free) 70,-/75,-
Lunch plate with meat balls, paté and mine-cheese 65,-
Rye bread w/mine-cheese & coffee/tea 55,-
Rye bread w/mine cheese 40,-
Kids Menu Price
1 meatball w/rye bread (also vegan) 45,-
1 meatball w/potato salad (also gluten free) 55,-/60,-
Chicken sticks w/vegetables (also gluten free) 45,-
Chicken sticks w/ potato salad (also gluten free) 55,-
Fish fillets with remoulade and rye bread 50,-
Sweets Price
Cake of the day 35,-
Cake of the day w/coffee /tea or special coffee 50,-/55,-
Danish apple cake 40,-
Danish apple cake w/coffee /tea or special coffee 55,-/60,-

Bus companies and groups
Are you an association, company or organization on a trip in the middle Jutland, then we can offer everything – from a good lunch to a delicious cup og coffee with homemade cake..