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Christmas movies in Mønsted Limestone mine


Emma og Julemanden (Emma & Santa Claus)

The danish movie “Emma & Julemanden – Jagten på Elverdronningens hjerte” is about the 11-year-old Emma – an imaginative girl who at times feels forgotten by her big family and therefore dreams herself away to adventurous worlds.

When Santa Claus himself and his wife Julie one day dumped through Emma’s chimney with their newborn baby, she and the little family from the North Pole quickly become good friends.

The peace is disturbed as they discover that Santa’s baby has been swapped with an elf-baby and led to the evil elf queen. Soon they will have to travel on a journey into the elf kingdom.


The recordings in the evil elf queen’s kingdom are filmed in Mønsted Kalkgruber. The recordings were in early spring 2015, when a large film crew for several days took over the mines. Local extras were unknowingly transformed as elves with great spiky ears and strange clothes.

Absalons Hemmelighed (Absalon’s Secret)

The danish advent calendar “Absalons Hemmelighed” is from 2006 and is about the 12-year-old girl Cecilie, who lives with her family over a department store in Copenhagen. Cecilie is very interested in archeology. In connection with the construction of a new metro tunnel during the department store, the ruins of Absalon’s farm have been found, and an exhibition has therefore been opened in the department store with the finds from the excavations. Cecilie hears a guest talking about “Absalon’s secret” and she decides to investigate what this secret is about. Cecilie meets the boy Hubert who doesn’t know where he comes from, and together the two come on the track of Absalon’s secret. The two children embark on a dangerous journey in the excavations and find their way to a hidden dungeon.


The recordings from the dungeon have been recorded in Mønsted Kalkgruber in the summer of 2006, and today visitors can still see the shaft where the children descend and come out into the dungeon, which is in fact Mønsted Kalkgruber.