Mønsted limestone mine is more than just the known mines. Here are also scenic and filled with rare views.

The mine are located in a Natura 2000-area, which is intended to preserve and protect habitats and wild animal- and plant species that are rare or threatened for EU countries. So besides the mines, many of our visitors also spend time walking in the area or just sitting and enjoying an ice cream in the beautiful surroundings.



The Danish Nature Agency (Naturstyrelsen) writes the following about the Natura 2000-areas


When an area is designated as the Natura 2000-area, it involves:

  • That a favorable conservation status of the different habitat types and species for which the area has been designated is to be secured or restored in the area. Favorable conservation status means that species and habitats are adequately protected so that habitats and habitats do not retreat and that species can sustain viable stocks in the long term, and habitats can maintain their specific characteristics.


  • That the area must be protected from new activities that can damage nature in the areas. The authorities are therefore subject to specific requirements and conditions when deciding or adopting plans that may affect Natura 2000 sites.


  • That an active effort must be made to secure or restore nature in the area. The basis for the effort is the so-called Natura 2000 plans.