More than 18,000 bats
in the mines

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The limestone caves are inhabited by more than 18,000 bats during winter. During spring and summer the bats are active all over Jutland feeding on insects. The female bats live in "summer colonies" where they give birth to their young. When August arrives the bats return to Mønsted where they mate and then enter hibernation.

During the first winter months the bats are well hidden in loose limestone or in cracks, but when spring is near most have already been outside to see if winter has passed. At this time  the bats can be seen hanging on the walls or off the ceiling, waiting for spring.

The bats are unfortunately an endangered species. The animals must not be disturbed during mating and flying season, so the caves are not open for evening and night visitors between the 16th of March and the 10th of May and again between the 1st of September and the 31st of October.


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