International Bat Night

Each year the International Bat Night is celebrated at important bat locations around the world. Mønsted Kalkgruber too organizes an event that varies from year to year.

No sign up necessary.
Free entry

Tours with the bat detector

In the Mønsted Caves thousands of bats gather each late summer and autumn before hibernating. We will try to ”catch” some of them by means of the detector and you will learn about the bats. The bats are emitting sounds in order to find their way. The human ear can only perceive these sounds by means of the detector.

No sign up necessary.
Free entry.


Opening hours daily 10 AM to 05 PM.

As usual the caves, in the Autumn Holidays, are a place of horror and terror. You can make a pumkin man or woman, put a candle
in it, and chose a place in the caves from which it can laugh maliciously at the passers-by. Quiz for children and childlike
grown ups.