Tours with the bat detector

In the Mønsted Caves thousands of bats gather each late Summer and Autumn before hibernating. We will try to ”catch” some of them by means of the detector and you will learn about the bats. The bats are emitting sounds in order to find their way. The human ear can only perceive these sounds by means of the detector.

In the twilight the bats become active, and although they are only black shadows flitting about, a detector can detect their ultrasound signals and help to identify location and species.

In Autumn still more bats return to the caves, and at the end of October they start hibernating. The bats which allready return in August fly out every night to find food. This is the reason of the high activity around the caves at this time and you will be able to hear several species of bats.

The tour is focussing on listening so pls bring warm clothes and perhaps a thermos flask with hot coffee. We will keep a safe distance to the cave entrance in order not to disturb the bats. No entry to the caves.

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