Welcome to the largest limestone cave in the world. Please set aside at least 2 hours for the visit. During the whole year the temperature stays at 8°C, a good reason for bringing warm clothes. The caves are a perfect place for a visit during a rainy day or in a heat wave.
In the Café and in the limestone factory you will find toilets both for men, women and for disabled people.

Normally you walk in the caves on your own, but you also have the option of a guided tour to hear about the caves, their history and the bats. The tour has a duration of about 1 hour and must be booked in advance.

The caves are operated by the independant entity Mønsted Kalkgruber. The board consists of representatives from Viborg Municipal Council and several trade organisations.

The exhibition of bats, Geology and the cultural history of limestone opened July 1, 2006.

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Book a guided tour of the limestone mine. If you want to get a guide on your trip this must be booked in advance. Book on +45 86 64 60 11 or info@monsted-kalkgruber.dk

Price per guide DKK 500, – (max. 30 pers.) + entrance fee

In weekendes, public holidays and outside of our normal opening hours a guided tour costs DKK 750,- + entrance fee


Are you an association, company or organization on a trip in we can offer everything from a good lunch to a delicious cake table.

Package offer with Morten Korch Museum (min. 20 pers.)


The Cheap one: 160, – DKK per. person

Coffee with cake, lecture and tour of Grønhøj Kro, and entrance to Mønsted Kalkgruber


The slightly more expensive one: DKK 175, – per. person

Like the cheap, but also with a ticket to the train in Mønsted Kalkgruber


The most expensive one: DKK 296, – per. person

Like the slightly more expensive, but with dinner + dessert and coffee, cake and bread with cheese in the cafe.