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Cheese in the mine

Mønsted limestone mine is an ideal place to store cheese. This is because a very unique deep ripening is given to the cheese – it is also said that you can taste the mine in the cheese.


The cheeses are produced at Taulov Dairy according to old craft traditions, after which it goes to Mønsted limestone mine. Here it stores for 4 weeks, after which it stores another 2 weeks at the dairy.


With a relative humidity of 98% and a constant temperature of 8 degrees, the mine guarantee the optimal conditions for cheese ripening.


The mine cheese is exported to the German market, where it is sold in well-stocked retail chains. In addition, as the only place in Denmark, the cheese can be bought in our store, where it is perhaps the best souvenir that can be brought home from the limestone mine.

You can taste the cheese in the café with ryebread and a cup of coffee / tea.