After a comprehensive renovation of Mønsted Kalkgruber, which was completed in 2017, Mønsted Kalkgruber has received several awards and recognitions for the impressive renovation where the unique cultural heritage has been preserved while the nature in and around the world's largest limestone mine has become more open, accessible, and an equal experience for all.

2019: Award-winning project - The European Garden Award

In 2019, Mønsted Kalkgruber was selected by the international jury of The European Garden Award as one of Europe's top 3 development projects in the category of "Best Development of a Significant Cultural Landscape in Europe". The limestone mines were chosen based on the area's beautiful nature and the way accessibility has been integrated into a unique historical cultural landscape. It was the second time a Danish site received The European Garden Award.

2018: Viborg Disability Council's Accessibility Award

In 2018, Mønsted Kalkgruber received the Viborg Disability Council's Accessibility Award for making the attraction accessible to everyone, including people with mobility impairments and wheelchair users, as part of the major renovation project.

2018: Architecture Prize 2018 in Viborg Municipality

On September 28, 2018, Mønsted Kalkgruber received the Architecture Prize in Viborg Municipality. The award is given to beautiful buildings, well-adapted renovations, restorations, public spaces, and other construction works that are considered to contribute to the beautification of Viborg Municipality.


The project was carried out in collaboration with a number of different partners and stakeholders, including Viborg Municipality, Realdania,  Færch Fonden, A.P. Møller Fonden, Vanføre Fonden, Augustinus Fonden Bevica Fonden, Naturstyrelsen and many others. Together, they contributed to making the renovation of Mønsted Kalkgruber possible and creating a unique cultural and natural experience for visitors today.