The lime works

The lime works

The dust has not yet settled in the beautiful, preserved wooden building, where we do not have to go back further than the 1970s for the building to have been full of noise, dust and hard work.

The tall ovens, raw walls, worn steps and the dust take you back to a time when the working day was 12 hours and the risk of coming home with wounds from caustic lime was great.

In addition to the building itself being beautiful and impressive, you can see exhibitions around the Kalkværket that tell about the quarrying and burning of lime over 1,000 years, learn about the kilns and the different types of lime that were sent out into the country from Mønsted.

Although the extraction of lime stopped in 1956, lime was burned in the Kalkværket right up to 1980. Today, the building is listed and underwent a major restoration in 2003 – 2004.

REMEMBER to take a walk up around the chimney and see the great view over the area.

The lime works 2