Oplevelsen i gruberne

The lime pits

The world's largest man-made limestone pits with beautiful vaults, 18 meter high caves, the still water of underground lakes, the light, walkways, darkness and winding passages lead you into the history of an ancient profession where people have worked underground for 1,000 years and created 60 km of tunnels , only by hand and pickaxe.

We show consideration for the bats and therefore the following applies to traffic and activities in the lime pits:

Traffic in the pits

  • 23. March- 15 May Only traffic on established paths in the pits.
  • 16. May - August 15: You may move everywhere in the pits.
  • 16. August - 22 October: Only traffic on established paths in the pits.


Travel with a flashlight may only take place during the summer period, valid from 1 June to 15 August.

The lime pits